When I’m recording, I  capture the sound so that it already sounds almost as good as it will sound after mixing. This means that my mixing process can be more about subtleties, allowing me to get all the intricacies of the end product perfect. I find that the best way to record is to have all the musicians in one room, this improves not only the musical relationship between the musicians, but also it enables the recording to have a homogeneous room sound, like all the great classic recordings have. I only use separate rooms when absolutely necessary, for example when very loud instruments are playing with very quiet instruments. Or if the room is too small….   There is also the possibility to record up to 36 channels in a mobile setup to record in different locations. I have also experience in  radio play and voiceover recordings.


When I’m mixing, I believe there needs to be an element of three-dimensionality to the sound, not just the two stereo channels, but importantly what is behind and what is in front. In my experience, this approach makes the tracks more exciting to listen to and also makes them have a longer life for the listener. I am always amazed how much this also applies to electronic music, that when you approach mixing it like you would a live band, you are able to bring a new life to the music. There is also the possibility to use the superb room acoustics during the mixing session via re-amping technics. My mixing experience reaches from classic, jazz, experimental, improv, pop, rock over radioplay to surround film.


My mastering chain, meaning the order of the audio processing, is something which I have developed and changed through the years, refining the process through various pieces of self-built equipment. Now, I have the ability to really understand the desired sound of a recording and to produce just that , leaving the weaknesses in the background. It is also possible to tranfer to 1/4″ master analog tape and transfer it to DSD256 digital files. So it is finally possible to make digital sound analogue!  The master can be attuned for vinyl and/or for digital release. I also compile ddp files for the pressing plant and meta datas can be attached to mp3 files.